I am a software developer currently working on the Cloud Computing field, with a strong focus on Kubernetes and CloudFoundry. I like to work with different technologies, try to understand them and build something upon that. Part of my spare time goes into developing code for some personal projects or contributing to Open Source ones.


Blogs are coming(WIP). They will be about technology, coding, best practices, you name it.


Open Source Projects

  • havener. Havener is a golang project with two main goals, improve my golang skills and provide a cli that fills the helm lack of flexibility before and during chart deployments. The flexibility here refers mainly to those multiple pre-processing operations that can be automated into a single configuration yaml file, which will be used during the helm install/upgrade.
  • From time to time, also contributing to homeport and friends, for the list of tools we have in this github organization.
  • Project Quarks. An Open Source project in incubation by BOSH, building a Kube native operator designed to manage the lifecycle of a CF instance inside a Kubernetes cluster.
  • This website. This site is powered by hugo, which I found after being a fan of OS repositories like cobra et al. I migrated my previous site, from wordpress to this one.